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aa2dceb4e3db89d00429af40da1f909dJudy's Log. Episode 10.

The official start of Judson's Q&A session will have to wait until later as it's time for a little picture day humor here at school. Clearly our surnames are not similar but start with an equivalent as he's standing before me in line looking mighty spiffy in a nice button down shirt and tie. BonusPoints for not donning a tee shirt. Don't tell him I said that. Rhetorically speaking of course... Continue reading ...

Funny Cows

Judy's Log. Episode 1.

New to "The Judy Stories?" Don't worry! You may begin reading with "Dear Dairy" and continue on from there. Read in either English or Korean for intermediate to advanced students or simply enjoy them at your leisure for absolutely no reason other than an innocent laugh. Episode 1 of "The Judy Stories" can be found here.

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