Fabric Flower Pins

Our flirty fabric flower pins are here! Fresh, lively, fun, and sassy, these flowers are are fabulous way to accessorize anything.

Fabric Flower Pins – Details Please!

Measuring approximately 5 inches across, our fabric flowers are comprised of hand dyed muslin in gorgeous shades of sherbet, peonies, and pistachios. Hand cut, pieced and sewn, each fabric flower is finished off with either pearl beads or glamorous rhinestones. It’s your choice. (more…)

Judy’s Log. Episode 18.

We’re just two weeks into the school year and already Judson and I have become better friends than I had originally anticipated. For a serious round of BonusPoints, he has gotten into the habit of carrying my books to and from class which is a welcome relief on my right arm as I don’t “do” backpacks. (more…)

주디의 일지. 에피소드 18.

학기가 시작한지 이주밖에 되지 않았지만, 저드승과 나는 내가 예상했던것보다 더 좋은 친구가 되었어. 그에게 보너스포인트를 주자면, 그는 한 교실에서 다른 교실로 옮겨다닐때 내 책을 들어주는게 습관화되었어. 나에게는 정말 다행인 일이었지. (more…)


Judy’s Log. Episode 17.

We’re barely into the school year, and already we have a substitute teacher who seems rather together in the organized department so I’m guessing there’s some planetary Virgo influence in the chart somewhere. Either way, who takes astrology seriously? I wonder what sign Judson is? Note to self: ask him. (more…)


주디의 일지. 에피소드 17.

학년이 시작한지 얼마 되지도 않아 깐깐한 대리교사가 왔어. 차트 어딘가에 처녀자리 행성의 영향이 있었나봐. 어찌되었든, 점성술을 심각하게 생각하는 사람은 없잖아? 저드승의 별자리는 뭘까? 참고: 그에게 물어볼것. (more…)