Who’s Judy?

Who’s Judy? We get that question a lot and revel in it even more as we’re all about inventing the rent, marching to our own percussion section, and trusting in a level of optimism the majority of the blue marble hasn’t fathomed yet.

The original GoHeyJudy concept was inspired by my eldest daughter’s preschool drawing and later combined with the imaginary genius of my late father who created “Judy” off the top of his head one evening before my childhood bedtime.  A little clumsy, bitingly witty, and an unapologetically intelligent outlier, I laughed myself silly nightly while dad spontaneously orated his ironic yarns.  The rest, as they say, is just a really long story and one we will be comedically documenting.  Stay tuned . . . 

The Hypothesis

We are neither a toy manufacturer nor doll maker even though we create both.  Sure we’re great at pulling sugar out of cotton here at the studio we affectionately refer to as The Industrial Palace, but we’re more than that.  Judy, in case anyone was wondering, is merely the mascot.  Our sole purpose is to provide a camp for members of the band like us which you can experience with our What’s Happening! blog located on the main menu above.

You can stay in touch with what the tribe is up to daily by signing up for PlanetJudy, our newsletter, which is replete with blog posts so you don’t miss a beat, sneak peaks, and occasional special promotions along with passwords for things we’re cooking up.  We promise not to spam your inbox like those annoying companies or ever mark anything “urgent” because it’s not.  We’re concise.  And you’re busy.

GoHeyJudyLogo-2 Stay inspired and on target.

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