GoHeyJudy Little Dogs

Papier-Mâché Dogs For Kids

New to the GoHeyJudy line for 2015, these papier-mâché dogs for kids are a must have no matter what your age. Absolutely 100% hand crafted in our Chicago studio, “Rocket” …

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Neighborhood Gentrification

Neighborhood Gentrification & The Weekly Circus

It’s been several years since my last post over at The Weekly Circus, and guess what, peeps? I’ve really missed it! It’s time to get back to my passion for neighborhood gentrification and all things that inspire me by bringing that blog back to life here at GoHeyJudy. (more…)

What A Man Can Admit

From Judson’s Desk. Episode 29.

“For what?” Judy’s text read.

“For acting so awkward and paranoid in front of your family,” I typed. (more…)

Consulting The Magic 8 Ball

Consulting The Magic 8 Ball Oracle

Judy’s Log. Episode 28.

Consulting The Magic 8 Ball oracle blob of plastic is supposed to work when you’re in dire need of answers the logical mind absolutely will not process. Like romance! I am, as my log reads, in urgent want of specifics as to what just happened in the garage a short time ago. I am officially a train wreck and this is so not Judy. (more…)

Little Pig Stamp

For Pig Lovers

When I told Polly about Phil, she did what any insightful artist would do and created the perfect little gifts for pig lovers. New to the GoHeyJudy line of cute stuff, these hand carved rubber stamps are a must-have for anyone who adores these inquisitive little pigs as much as we do and are available here in addition to a plethora of super cool stamps for lover of cupcakes, retro television sets, and a line designed exclusively for GoHeyJudy by Ikki-Pokki Arts. Hey, Phil! This stamp’s for YOU, bud.

Who’s Phil?

Phil, in case anyone was wondering, (more…)

The Innocent Kiss

Judy’s Log. Episode 27.

Judson, determined yet with a stealth quality, moved closer toward me in the silence of the darkened garage. I wasn’t sure if I should turn and run or do what I do best in nervous moments which would be – you guessed it – open up with the sarcastic commentary to diffuse a situation I wasn’t ready for. (more…)